Monday, July 13, 2009

Five Programming Without Ifs Challenges: Can You Pass The Acid Test?

From my studies of graduate students in the Masters of Software Engineering program at Carroll University, I think that most object-oriented programmers are procedural programmers using an object-oriented language. A more detailed discussion of this is found here. Are you one of these programmers? The following five exercises can be solved without using any conditional logic. If you can't solve these problems, study them to expand your scope and add some tools to your toolbox. Each problem has working code for an unsolved example (uses conditional logic) and a solved example (no conditional logic). Study these examples to expand your capabilities. Then, you will have more than a hammer in your toolbox and not every problem will appear as a nail. Having these tools will help you build more complex "Enterprise" systems without creating BBOM's (Big Balls of Mud). As always, stick to the adage, "PROGRAM TO THE INTERFACE AND NOT TO THE IMPLEMENTATION."

Exercise I: Bergin Swing Calculator (Solution: Strategy Design Pattern)
Exercise II: Doktat's Stopwatch (Solution: State Design Pattern)
Exercise III: Dependency Inversion Principle
Exercise IV: Doktat's Elevator (Solution: Bridge Design Pattern)
Exercise V: Doktat's Pizza Place (Solution: Decorator Design Pattern & Reflection)

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